Nightcrawler Worm

How to Make a Nightcrawler Worm Farm

The day is cloudy and rainy here in downtown Ohio, which doesn’t seem like ideal if you are looking for creatures, unless these are worms.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a worm farm and the first thing we need are worms, so let’s go for them.

Nothing like looking for worms in the rain.

Watch this.

It’s one of the good guys.

I have it.

Oh yeah.

What a good worm.

Come here mate How elusive.

Tremendous worm!

Okay, to the container!

Watch this.

Okay, about 50 worms in half an hour.

I’d say it’s time to start building our worm farm.

Okay, we’re back.

It is time to build the farm.

Let’s look at the worm first.

We have already talked about them in the past, and all of them are segmented annelids.

Leeches are a family of worms of land, believe me or not, but we have never talked about something so common like a worm.

This is a very easy species to see in the backyard, and, you see, the earthworm is an invasive species here in the United States.

They originally came from Europe in the 19th century, settlers brought them when colonizing America and, at this point, we can’t get rid of them.

Nothing happens, because they are doing something good aerating the earth and enriching it with nutrients.

Well it’s a simple creature, okay It has no eyes as such but it has a mouth, here, and in the back he has ass and in fact it just pooped, so that answers the question.

Yes, they poop.

Look, he’s pooping all over the table.

It’s like a somewhat runny poop.

But the main structure of the worm is in the upper third of your body.

Your brain, heart and stomach they are in this ring that looks like a saddle, usually purple in color.

It is called clitellus, and this little organ here creates thick, slimy mucus and when a worm lays its eggs, that’s where they come from.

Well the worm has a very long stomach and a wide digestive tract with several stomachs along the body so this is where digestion is happening, and when you bring the worm to the light, you can see all the dirt and fecal material that seeps through your body, and then, as we have seen does nothing, would come out of his anus, which is at the end of the queue.

These segmented worms are very, very cool when they are completely elongated, the small parapodia can be seen on the sides of the body.

You may wonder

How does a worm move through the environment?

They dig tunnels that they make themselves, they advance eating through an underground labyrinth, and these little parapodia, these stick to dirty walls and propel the animal forward.

When it comes to injuring a worm, Well you could say Coyote Can you hold a worm like that?

They have no skeleton as such, like mammals, reptiles or birds.

In fact, they have no skeleton, no exoskeleton.

The worms are totally soft, although they can be injured.

If you harm a worm above the citelium, your brain, your heart, or your stomach, yes, that would kill the worm.

However, if the worm loses a piece from its rear, in time it will come out again.

The cool thing about worms is that they play a very positive role in the ecosystem destroying all old plant matter found in the forest.

Some worms even eat carrion, which are dead animals.

I never thought a worm could be so fascinating.

At this point I would say it’s time to start building the worm farm.

In half an hour I have collected I’d say about 50 worms and many of them were a good size.

They are earthworms.

But build a farm it’s not as complex as it can stop, and to be clear, There are two different types of worm farms.

One is made for compost.

That is not the farm we will do.

We are going to do the simplest of all.

The one in which you admire worms in a small container that you own.

Well recommend a clear container like this.

Place them in a transparent container and then inside a dark will do make worms more comfortable and you put the worms inside the container like this to prevent them from direct light.

Well to build the farm for raising nightcrawlers for fishing we need the right materials.

We have the gravel, the sticks, the bed of leaves, the dirt of the worm, and our container, of course.

The first thing we want to do is a cape gravel at the base.

A little around here.

The finer the better.

And that has to do with drainage.

Just as the worms eat and you water its environment, the must will seep towards the base of the farm.

And that helps the droppings, the worm poop, to go to the bottom too.

Then you want to add some soil for worms.

Remember, things are going to get serious so do it outside it can be a very good idea.

And you want to make sure you have some land, oh, it’s everywhere, land that is real.

Okay, the crumbled dirt will help the worms to be able to move better.

The next thing we want to do is to place the bed of leaves.

I’ve gone out for a few.

I always say that the wetter the better.

Wet leaves decompose sooner.

You don’t want to put dry leaves because they will take the water from the worms.

Well, putting the layers on, what you want to have too it’s a bottle of water for worms.

With just a little water, throw it over the layers.

You don’t want it to get soggy but neither you want it to be dry.

Okay, with the bed of leaves in place, now a few branches.

These normal branches that are already dead will create some space for the worms to move underneath.

It’s like a gym for worms, we would say.

And they can be buried there and now add another layer of soil.

Well, there there.

A little more leaves, and in the end, finally, the worms.

You can throw them one by one, place them in different areas.

Ok, mario, what do you think if you take a picture of them.

– [Mario] Sure.

– It looks like a disgusting worm cake.

Well, they don’t need much care.

A couple of times a week sprinkle them with water.

Before placing the lid in the worm farm, because you want to cover it, so they don’t go away.

You want to make a few holes at the top.

It is so that there is oxygen, and that the worms can breathe.

There you have it.

A worm farm.

It is not a pet to always have.

I recommend releasing them after a few weeks, if not, at least change the earth, because the nutrients will have already been eaten.

The good thing about the land is that you can put it in your garden or in some plants, and is full of nutrients and minerals that worms have contributed with their poop.

How cool, huh?

There you have the worm farm.

Well I know you’re a little skeptical you wonder, Coyote, What can you do with a worm farm?

They are great pets!

You can take them to the park to play, you can watch tv with them.

In the end, they make good pets.

I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave and wild see you on the next adventure.

Do you want to watch some Netflix?

Okay okay, that’s fine with me.

Mario shakes his head.

Your research tells you it’s going to hurt.

It’s for the best, I’m telling you.

I know, and then Mario came to the office.

He said: do you know what I have to eat today?

What about me?

And it says a turkey sandwich, and I

I couldn’t believe it.

I have the worms, I have them.


There we go, Animal Planet Go, Brave the Wild, new episodes, what do you think.

Ok, let’s see how Coyote catches creatures.

These potatoes are delicious.

You want?


What about you, Gary?

I already imagined.

Lazy people don’t eat potatoes.

Have you seen that?


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